Booch Organic Kombucha Flavours

BOOCH Flavours

Our kombucha is hand-crafted with love and care,
using only the best quality local, organic, and
fairly-traded ingredients.

Our line of kombucha is made with positive energy, love, and care using only certified organic and some wild-crafted ingredients!

Raspberry Lemonade

Tangy yet sweet. A bright pink “lemonade-tea”.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, organic raspberries, organic lemongrass, positive energy, and love.

Peppermint nettle

A cool, minty & invigorating tonic.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, organic nettle leaf, organic spirulina powder, peppermint, nettle, positive energy, and love.


A soothing, smooth yet spicy blend.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, organic ginger root, positive energy, and love.

Chaga Chai

Warm & fragrant; a light “chai tea”. The New New Age chai blend.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, organic chaga mushroom, black peppercorns, anise seed, cinnamon, milk thistle seed, dandelion root, fennel seed, ginger, cardamom, positive energy, and love.

Citrus Twist

A zesty, fresh & energizing citrus blend.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, organic oranges, organic lemon juice, organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, positive energy, and love.

Old Fashioned

Crisp & fruity, with apple undertones.
Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic tea, positive energy, and love.

Seasonal Craft BREW


A handcrafted blend with local ingredients inspired by the season.

Blueberry Holy Basil Booch is made with local organic blueberries and moon-harvested holy basil! The flavour; a juicy punch of blueberries with soft watermelon, pineapple, vanilla and spice undertones. We worked with Blueberry Hill farms in Rodney and The New New Age in Aylmer to source these fresh ingredients, and are so proud to support local, build livelihoods, and create more sustainable food systems and networks close to home. This is why we do what we do. Every bottle serves to build connection; connecting one with self, one with community, one with farmers, and one with planet.

* Available at Retail Stores (across Southwestern ON), Booch Retail Store (London, ON)

Due to the changing nature…frequently rotating craft Booch flavours sold at the brewery retail store do not require nutritional facts to be posted. Curious about content? Just ask!


Booch is focused on making good quality, authentic small batch kombucha for the communities of Ontario. Find us at locations near you today:
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    As for the Booch on tap, it's definitely a talking point for folks who already enjoy Booch but haven't tried it on tap before! They get wonderfully excited to try it in a new format, and it's great for people who are used to your traditional flavours and haven't had a chance to visit your storefront for the more unique varieties. As I'm sure you know, residents within OEV love to see local businesses supporting each other, and the partnership between you folks and us is no exception! Lastly, one thing I hear frequently is folks appreciating being able to drink a "local craft brew" without drinking beer. Either their at a work meeting, are gluten-free and don't like cider, or just aren't feeling a beer, but they love having the option of kombucha.

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    "Totally love Booch, I feel great since I started drinking it! Very pleased, thank you"

    - Denise

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    "Booch has replaced pop and my expensive probiotics. I love your product!"

    - Heather Wilson

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    "I look forward to going to visit Booch. I love the staff and how friendly and outgoing they are. My kids loving coming with me, because the staff always engages them and tells them they are funny! Booch is the best kombucha out there. The ever changing flavours are great for someone like me because I get bored. Your flavour combos are SOOO delish!"

    - Amy Harris

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    "I love your kombucha the best! I have gained more energy, started losing weight and my digestion issues have dissipated."

    - Kathleen Lafrenie

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    "The best kombucha I have ever had, bar none. Such a creative selection of flavours that change with the seasonal products available. I've been Booched for life!"

    - Lorraine Borowski

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    "It is an extra bonus that this magical brew is local, organic, and hand crafted! I love trying your in house flavours!"

    - Devon

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    "Booch is amazing and makes me feel great! Thanks for making such an amazing drink!"

    - Rebecca Chantler

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    "I enjoy going into the retail location for bottle refills and seeing all the exciting flavours available. Customer service is always with a smile no matter how many bottles one brings in."

    - Rob Galajda

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    Booch is a favourite at Plant Matter Kitchen—in the bottle and now on tap! Serving this probiotic tonic on tap provides our customers with a flavour surprise each week and a new way to enjoy this bubbly, healthy, and local beverage. Whether enjoyed with lunch or dinner, in a cocktail for festive events, or in a growler to go—Booch’s wildly popular and rotating seasonal flavours always sell out very quickly at PMK. The fruit-infused blends are a popular crowd-pleaser and the Organic Beet Apple Ginger blend is #1 for PMK co-founder Glenn. We’re so proud to support Booch in any way we can at PMK, from our staff wearing Booch's tees while serving, to selling the original 7 line-up, to using Booch in our recipes, to now providing our customers with Booch on tap!

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    "I am writing to tell you just how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kombucha! I stumbled upon it on a hot day in Sobeys where I saw it among the Bolthouse smoothies I sometimes buy. I decided to try the raspberry and I have been hooked ever since. I have severe stomach issues and I don't digest much—combined with pain, finding a way to stay hydrated and nourished is a big challenge. BUT, your Booch has done wonders for me. I'm sure you get great positive feedback all the time, but suffice to say, I credit kombucha with helping to save my life. Seriously. The ease of which my body accepts it and the amazing clarity in thought that it provides has set me on a new path to gaining some health back. Without being dramatic, I was not expected to live. Finding Booch and using it as the steady staple in my diet has done wonders that could fill pages. I thank you for the great work you have done!"
    - Dawn R.

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    "I feel my energy levels revive after a bottle of Booch!"

    - Rob

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    "You are such a wonderful company! Both my daughter and I have loved you since the first time we sampled Booch at the Covent Garden market a few years ago. We love trying all the new seasonal flavours and keeping our fridge stocked!"

    - Shelley Stockie

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    "Love Booch, especially a citrus twist after yoga! Weekends would not be the same without my Saturday morning trip to the retail store to check out what's on tap and refill for the week!"

    - Anonymous

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    "Best kombucha I have ever had! Have yet to try another I like better. Love the seasonal flavours; they are my favourite."

    - Paula Lefor