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Booch x6

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At Booch Organic Kombucha, we make good quality, authentic, small-batch kombucha available to the communities of Southwestern Ontario.

“Booch is connection in a bottle,” says Shannon Kamins, founder of Booch, “a nod to yesteryear that promotes health of the mind, gut, and soul.” Each bottle incorporates local ingredients, organic fare, and lots of love.

The Best Ingredients

Every bottle of Booch uses only the best ingredients—always certified organic, locally foraged, and ethically harvested.

The nutrition that comes from picked-in-the-moment, locally available fruits and vegetables is outstanding; natural wild yeasts, residue from pollinators, bacteria, and living microorganisms all impart incredible health benefits, which build antibodies and support immune function.

Recently harvested ingredients are added to very loved kombucha! You hit the jackpot!

Both the “Classic 6” and other seasonal flavours are at the epitome of Booch being a socially conscious brewery that thrives on diversity and creativity.

A supporter of local business and a proud member of the greater London community, the Booch Team frequently joins forces with other local businesses to craft unique flavours that match the tastes of the seasons. We partner with local, organic farmers and permaculture gardeners to get the best locally sourced ingredients for our signature and seasonal blends.

Signature Blends

Booch brews 100% organic kombucha in small batches under the close attention of our master fermenters. Booch offers six signature flavours:

Raspberry Lemonade

Tangy yet sweet, a bright pink “lemonade-tea”

Organic whole red raspberries blended with fresh organic lemongrass. A magical and robust, tart yet sweet flavour.


A soothing, smooth yet spicy blend

We are proud to use 100% certified organic ginger in our brew!

Old Fashioned

Crisp & fruity, with apple undertones

Our most simple kombucha made with only black tea and sugar. It’s a light, crisp and refreshing flavour; perfect for tea drinkers.

Citrus Twist

A zesty fresh, & energizing citrus blend

Super refreshing! Thirst quenching! Think of this flavour as your morning OJ with a kombucha twist! This bright and zesty healing tonic has oranges, lemons, ginger, and turmeric.

Peppermint Nettle 

A cool, minty & invigorating tonic

Think chlorophyll sounds more like “borophyll”? We don’t think so! We packed in spirulina, nettle, and mint. A refreshing minty tonic with a cool mouth feel, full of liver-cleansing chlorophyll.

Chaga Chai

A warm & fragrant, light “chai tea”

This warm blend of wildcrafted chai spices including cinnamon, anise, cardamom, and clove with sacred chaga mushroom is ideal for the autumn weather and comfy scarves.

Why the chaga mushroom, you might wonder… because of it’s umpteen unique facts and health benefits, of course!

  • Grows as a cork-textured mass on mature birch trees
  • Has almost no scent
  • Is incredibly rich in antioxidants
  • Can act as anti-inflammatory & immune-booster
  • Can provide soothing in time of irritation

We use chaga mushrooms and spices that are ethically sourced from The New New Age and wild foraged in Quebec, and make sure to steep them for 24+ hours in order to maximize their health benefits.


Thank you to our friends who share their beautiful Booch photos with us on social media. It’s always a treat to see Booch in the hands of friends who support Booch Organic Kombucha! So much love for you all!

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Promote health. Connect community. Celebrate gratitude. At Booch Organic Kombucha, we believe that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. We are committed to food security, run a socially responsible business, and love nourishing our neighbours. We use the ancient elixir of yesteryear to heal gut disturbances, one bottle at a time.