Boosting The Local & Not-So-Local Economy

Boosting The Local & Not-So-Local Economy

Creating jobs is key for Shannon.

“We have been able to create local jobs and support local farmers,” says Shannon, in an interview with Canadian Julia, “I would have never thought that through making kombucha for myself that it would have turned into this.”

Booch is heavily invested in giving back to London and the communities of Southwestern Ontario.

There are many great organic growers in Ontario, however, many barriers still exist to transition a conventional farm into a certified organic farm. Sourcing as local as possible and constantly networking with local Ontario farmers, Booch, and many other small businesses, are increasing demand for local farmers to change their practices and grow organic.

When Booch cannot obtain organic ingredients for their weekly seasonal brews, they use wildcrafted ingredients from local permaculture and forest gardeners. Not only does Shannon believe in eating seasonally and locally to stay healthy, she seeks to educate her customers on sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices that produce amazing seasonal yields and serve as a better alternative to conventional organic farming.

If the team cannot find local certified organic or wild harvested ingredients, they use certified Fair Trade ingredients. Shannon fully understands how the trade of sugar, which is a key ingredient in making kombucha, has brought substantial damage to the natural environment. Therefore, they get their raw, organic cane sugar from a EcoSocial Certified Fair Trade partner in Brazil who offers great social programs to their farmers.

Booch is always looking for ways to boost more than the economies of the communities they work with; they also look to make them more green in 2018. Booch will soon be announcing their official plans to have proceeds from the purchase of every bottle of Booch go towards planting trees around the world.

Promote health. Connect community. Celebrate gratitude. At Booch Organic Kombucha, we believe that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. We are committed to food security, run a socially responsible business, and love nourishing our neighbours. We use the ancient elixir of yesteryear to heal gut disturbances, one bottle at a time.