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    Alchemy Pickle Company produces cultured vegetable pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi, and naturally carbonated kombucha with produce purchased direct from Southern Ontario farmers

    Beet Kvass: A tangy and refreshing fermented beet drink.  This is has a strong beet flavour, and makes a nice drink-as-snack with probiotic benefits.  Definitely not kombucha! Made with certified organic beets and carrots, pickle brine, filtered water, ginger, sea salt.  May contain other vegetables and/or herbs/spices.

    Golden Beet Kvass: Same as "Beet Kvass" just made with seasonal golden beets making it a beautiful golden colour!

    Fermented Hot Sauce: Their 2020 fermented hot sauce is ready! Despite the challenges we’ve all faced, it was a great year for peppers at least. This hot sauce is almost entirely made with peppers from Sosnicki Organic Farm. Fermented with sea salt, blended hot peppers and garlic. A great addition to noodles, stir-fry, soup, or anything that could use a spicy tangy kick

    Fire Tonic: This traditional remedy has been used to fortify the immune system against colds & flu. Enjoy straight as a shot or dilute with water. Contains: Honey Ingredients: *Onion, *Horseradish, *Garlic, *Hot Pepper, *Ginger, *Turmeric, *Elderberry, *Black pepper. *Organ

    Seasonal Kimchi: Vegan, sour, spicy, soy free. Veggies in this local kimchi rotate based on what is seasonal in Ontario. Winter Kimchi contains *green cabbage and/or *napa cabbage, *carrots, *daikon or *black radish, *leeks or *green onion, filtered water, sweet rice flour, sea salt, *onion, *garlic, *ginger, chili powder, *chili flakes. *Organic

    Ruby Sauerkraut: Brilliant red and green cabbage, dill, garlic and lemon pieces.

    Curtido Sauerkraut: El Salvadoran inspired sauerkraut with cabbage carrot onion oregano thyme chili flakes. Great on salad, tacos, grilled cheese or with eggs.

    Classic Sauerkraut: Crunchy, thick cut sauerkraut made only with local organic green cabbage and unrefined sea salt.

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