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Booch Vinegar

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    Made with 100% organic kombucha mother, our raw kombucha vinegar can act as a powerful cleansing and healing elixir. (use as you would apple cider vinegar)

    Potential Internal Benefits:

    • Kickstart digestion

    • Alkalize the body

    • Support immune system functioning

    • Preserve memory

    • Remove toxins from the liver and intestines

    • Control weight

    • High in anti-parasitic properties

    • May be diluted with water for consumption

    • Can be mixed with olive oil for living probiotic salad dressing

    Potential External Benefits:

    • Sooth irritated skin

    • Kills infections

    • May be used as a clarifying shampoo

    • Can be mixed with water for soaking vegetables to remove harmful pesticides

    • Used for cleaning sinks and table tops

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