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    Cold Brew Sachets
    3x 25g of our cold brew sachets per bag. Made with our dark roast and flavoured with pure vanilla extract and infused with raw vanilla beans.

    These easy to use pouches make cold or hot coffee without any additional equipment. Simply add 1-2 cups of water per bag, place it in the fridge over night and enjoy your vanilla cold brew in the morning!

    Light Roast (70g Bag)
    Soft and mellow light body, with floral notes and fruity finish.
    Origin: Ethiopian Sidamo, Honduran Bourbon, Tanzanian Peaberry.

    Medium Roast (70g Bag)
    Velvety rich flavour with notes of Brazilian nuts and floral aroma.
    Origin: Guatemala, Sumatran Mandehling, Honduran Bourbon.

    Dark Roast (70g Bag)
    Full body, fragrant blend with rich oaky earth tones and subtle blueberry.
    Origin: Sumatran Mandehling, Ethiopian Harrar.

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