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Rosewood + Silver Tea

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    Daily Dose (50g - 15-25 Servings)

    Our everyday go-to easy drinking, everyday tonic. Soothing herbs that prime you to being your best, chill self. Employing gentle nervines, tonics, nutritives and aphrodisiacs, you have your bases covered. Tasty hot or cold, especially with a little bit of honey.

    Vibes: Floral without the perfume, like breathing in the last days of summer.

    Ingredients: Tulsi, Lemonbalm, Damiana, Nettles, Catnip + Milky Oat Tops


    Solid Ground (50g)

    A blend to support your bodies natural immune response during times of stress and exposure. Especially geared to our respiratory systems. It's use is to support our immune systems, and isn't seen as a curative. 

    Ingredients: Echinacea, Ginger, Astragalus, Elecampane, Thyme, Skullcap + Reishi


    Superbloom (50g)

    A gathering of high solar energy; a bouquet in a cup. Super bloom combines many flowering herbs, and minty allies to create a refreshing, high vibration tea. It may feel as though you're laying in the sun, toes in the dirt, head in the flowers, listening to the bees and the breeze. Equally enjoyed hot or cold.

     Ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula. Spearmint + Tulsi


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