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    With a healthy gut, you can be the best version of yourself. Please drink with intention & attention. 

    Our kombucha is filled with billions of beneficial microbes that are produced through an authentic and traditional fermentation method. In addition to the active microbes, it contains b-vitamins, electrolytes and organic acids that are useful in enhancing immune system functioning and detoxification of the body.

    Align yourself with all of our organic kombucha flavours made with quality ingredients and love.

    Receive 15 bottles: 

    2 x Raspberry Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic raspberries and lemongrass

    2 x Ginger - kombucha infused with organic fresh pressed ginger root

    2 x Blueberry Holy Basil - kombucha infused with organic blueberries and holy basil

    1 x Blue Mermaid - kombucha infused with organic lemons, lemongrass, lavender & blue spirulina

    1 x Citrus Twist - kombucha infused with organic fresh pressed oranges, seabuckthorn berries, lemons, ginger root, and turmeric root

    1 x Old Fashioned - our hand-crafted kombucha base made with black Ceylon tea

    1 x Peppermint Nettle - kombucha infused with stinging nettle, peppermint leaf and spirulina

    1 x Black Currant - kombucha infused with black currants and saskatoon berries

    1 x Cinnamon Rose - kombucha infused with holy basil, rose petals, sage, cinnamon and hibiscus

    1x Mint Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic peppermint leaf and fresh-pressed lemons

    1 x Chaga Chai - kombucha infused with organic chaga mushroom and chai spices including black peppercorns, anise seed, cinnamon, milk thistle seed, dandelion root, fennel seed, ginger, and cardamom. 

    1 x Cherry Hibiscus - kombucha infused with organic cherries, lemongrass, and hibiscus petals


    Enjoy one bottle every day for 15 days to find your favourite brew, enhance your digestive system functioning, and increase the diversity of microbes in your gut!

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