Being in the community is being in our element! We love setting up our booth at local events, educating our friends on the benefits of Booch, and sharing our coverage by local media.

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Guelph Organic Conference January 25-28th, 2018
University of Guelph

Where farmers and consumers meet. Market Garden Training, Soil Fertility & Crop Rotations, Organice Livestock Production, Bees & Pollinators, Organic Gardening, and much more!

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A Meeting at The Cross Stitch

  • 10th Jan 2017

Food literacy: It’s not a common concept, but it’s a mighty important one!

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All About Kombucha

  • 10th March 2017

The health of your digestive tract and gut flora directly correlates with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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  • 10th May 2017

We’re here to answer any and all inquiries you have about SCOBYs, to clear up SCOBY misconceptions, and to explain the purpose...

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Most Recent Press

Booch Storefront

Learn from Booch Founder and Master Fermenter, Shannon Kamins, about the journey of building an organic kombucha business founded on socially-responsible values.
Booch is a hand-crafted organic kombucha business from London, Ontario, Canada which uses local, organic and fairly-traded ingredients.
They have a brewery retail store, a market location, and you can find their brand of kombucha in numerous good stores. Booch has developed a wonderful community who enjoy kombucha and its health benefits.

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We love to chat, support, and partner up with local businesses and organizations who are giving
back to communities around Ontario through health, wellness, and positive living:

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"The best kombucha I have ever had, bar none. Such a creative selection of flavours that change with the seasonal products available. I've been Booched for life!"
- Lorraine Borowski