Kombucha: An Industry on the Rise

Kombucha: An Industry on The Rise

On January 28, 2018, Shannon Kamins, Founder and Master Fermenter of Booch, presented at the Guelph Organic Conference. Here’s an informative synopsis of her talk on a variety of kombucha-related topics, including the growing kombucha industry.

Kombucha is on the rise and London Ontario’s Booch Organic Kombucha is excited to be a part of this growing industry alongside their many friends in the business, both in the United States and in Canada.

Some big brands south of the border include: California’s GT’s Living Foods (founded in the 1990s), Oregon’s Brew Dr. Kombucha, and California’s KeVita (owned by Pepsi). Some local brands in and around Ontario include: Tonica Kombucha (Toronto, ON), VAMS Culture (Toronto, ON), RISE Kombucha (Montreal, QC), Live Kombucha (Guelph, ON), and goodvibes juice co. (Waterloo, ON).

As a health-promoting beverage, kombucha is proving to be unmatched in its popularity. Information from Statista shows that, as of 2016, it was the most searched health food trend in the United States.

Some other FASCINATING FACTS about kombucha from Statista include:

  • In 2008, industry sales hovered around $80 million
  • In just one year, that number quadrupled to about $324 million
  • In 2013, sales grew to almost half a billion
  • Currently, the market sits at $1.2 billion
  • The market is expected to grow to $2 billion by 2020


  1. In this day in age, people face incredibly high rates of digestive issues. From bloating to cramping to discomfort, “I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and tell me about their digestive issues,” says Shannon. A study conducted by the Dannon Company in 2007 showed that nearly 90% of Americans deal with occasional digestion problems; 70% of women say digestive concerns negatively impact their lives every single day.
  2. The growing kombucha industry tends to coincide with the growing organic food industry, which is also on the rise! Consumers are demanding health-conscious products and most kombucha companies use organic/certified organic ingredients in their blends.
  3. The kombucha movement tends to be a very community-driven and community-oriented movement. It involves people committed to promoting health, connection, and an overall feel-good vibe.
  4. Kombucha is perceived as a health drink, which is in high demand. Consumers in the 21st  century are demanding more natural, healthy products with less processing.


The graph above shows how kombucha is the fastest growing food trend right now—particularly in Canada and the United States.

In 2016, only 14% of Americans had tried kombucha. With 86% of Americans not having even tried the beverage just 2 years ago, it’s incredible how kombucha is already a $1 billion industry.

“Given that the United States and Canada are the fasting growing sectors for kombucha,” says Shannon, “only leads me to believe that the industry will continue to grow at an exponential pace!”

Raise a glass of Booch and say “cheers” to the increasing popularity of kombucha!

Promote health. Connect community. Celebrate gratitude. At Booch Organic Kombucha, we believe that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. We are committed to food security, run a socially responsible business, and love nourishing our neighbours. We use the ancient elixir of yesteryear to heal gut disturbances, one bottle at a time.