Kombucha and the Fermentation Process

Kombucha and The Fermentation Process

Shannon Kamins 
started Booch Organic Kombucha in 2015, when she was brainstorming ideas for a business grounded both in helping contribute to the local food movement and in repairing her own—and others’—gut health.

With an academic background in Health Sciences with Health Promotion and a love for fermentation, she arrived at the idea of starting her own kombucha company… and the rest is history!

On January 28, 2018, Shannon, Founder and Master Fermenter at Booch, presented at the Guelph Organic Conference. Here’s an informative synopsis of her talk on fermentation and the making of kombucha.


Fermentation is the process of breaking down or digesting a substance by a group of microorganisms, usually producing effervescence. It is a process that has been traditionally used to make alcohol and preserve food by extending its life and making it more digestible, less toxic, and more delicious.

“At its core, fermentation is pure magic,” says Shannon, “a co-evolutionary process of ‘breaking down’ a substance.”



Cultures from across the world have consumed a diet full of traditionally fermented foods, such as kombucha, for many centuries. Some of these foods include:

  • Coffee
  • Bread
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Soy sauce
  • Vegetables (sauerkraut and kimchi)
  • Salami

Japans famous Sake and Miso are fermented products, as is Russias Kvass. 

In Korea, kimchi and soy sauce are popular fermented foods.

Tempeh is a favourite in Indonesia, yogurt is loved in Bulgaria, and sauerkraut is widely consumed across Europe.

Added to the list is the fermented product of the hour…kombucha!


Kombucha is a probiotic and fermented tea that originated in China over 2,000 years ago.

The fermentation process makes it naturally acidic, slightly sweet, and very effervescent.

The possible flavours of kombucha can vary greatly, but commonly, unflavoured kombucha has a robust flavour with apple undertones and is slightly tart, sweet, and is layered in complexity.

Full of living probiotics, kombucha isn’t just super delicious—it’s super healthy too!

Promote health. Connect community. Celebrate gratitude. At Booch Organic Kombucha, we believe that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. We are committed to food security, run a socially responsible business, and love nourishing our neighbours. We use the ancient elixir of yesteryear to heal gut disturbances, one bottle at a time.