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Booch is a brand of kombucha, which is a fermented tea beverage produced by a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) added to black, green, or white tea that has been steeped in sugar. Used in traditional diets for thousands of years, kombucha has been shown to have bacteria beneficial for the digestive system, and can also help the immune system fight illness.

Booch is a fermented drink, meaning that it results from the transformation (of sugars) at the molecular level by live microbes.

No! While SCOBY does mimic a mushroom, there are no mushrooms in Booch. A SCOBY is the living organism that ferments the tea into our delicious craft brew—Booch!

Booch’s hand-crafted kombucha is raw and not pasteurized, meaning that enzymes and beneficial gut bacteria are still living in the brew. Even though we triple filter every bottle of Booch, over time, a small SCOBY will grow in the bottle, which signals that the bacteria is doing well and living optimally!

Refrigerated Booch lasts 6 months from the day it was bottled. We put a best before date on each bottle, as kombucha will eventually turn into pure tea vinegar—still consumable and great as a salad dressing!

Booch is made with organic cane sugar that is Ecosocial, Fair-Trade Certified, which is added to steeped tea during the first phase of our exclusive fermentation process. The SCOBY eats away at the caffeine and sugar, but not all of it, because without some sugar, Booch would be pure tea vinegar (often called “mother vinegar”). We add the least amount of sugar possible and never add sugar after fermentation. The sweetness you taste in Booch varies depending on the flavour and the sugar content of the organic fresh pressed fruit juice, whole fruit, or tea infusion that is added during the fermentation process. Each bottle has nutrition facts that will give you that flavour’s sugar content.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Booch helps with gas or bloating while providing an increased sense of energy, alertness, and an overall experience of well-being from the combination of antioxidants, probiotics, and fresh-pressed organic fruit juice. Other benefits of kombucha reportedly include improving digestion and immunity, and aiding in weight loss.

Healthy SCOBY, Healthy you! A positive environment affects all living things, making them happy and full of vitality. A SCOBY is no exception. A SCOBY can’t thrive in a clinical lab—that’s why Booch’s fermentation facility mixes science with happiness, gratitude, and love to create a positive environment for our SCOBYs to thrive in. Science and love energy meet in equal measure in every batch of kombucha we brew. It’s health, gratitude, and compassion in every bottle—no wonder it makes you feel so good!


Booch can be drank as a morning probiotic on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before or after a meal, to get you through a mid afternoon lull, or as an alcohol or soda substitute. It can be consumed daily and is sufficient in 2 - 4 ounce servings. Booch is unpasteurized and naturally carbonated. Everyone will have a different tolerance for kombucha, and not all kombuchas are the same. So start slow with a few ounces and gradually build up a tolerance, or consult your healthcare practitioner on how to safely add kombucha in general to your diet.

Kombucha is often said to contain the following strands of bacteria: acetobacter, saccharomyces, lactobacillus, brettanomyces, zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis, xylinum, gluconium, gluconacetobacter kombuchae, and sometimes pediococcus. Kombucha also contains small amounts of alcohol* (under 0.5%), substantial acetic acid (vinegar), ethyl acetate, glucuronic acid, and lactic acid.

*Due to the acidity of kombucha, disease-causing germs cannot survive. The reason that the yeast cultures are able to survive is because the bacteria that are present will protect the yeast from the acidity of the solution. In return, the yeast delivers food (ethanol) to the bacteria, and thus alcohol is not created.



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"Love Booch, especially a citrus twist after yoga! Weekends would not be the same without my Saturday morning trip to the retail store to check out what's on tap and refill for the week!"
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