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A Meeting at The Cross Stitch: Food Literacy + Gut Health + Local Business

January 10, 2017 / Giving Back /

Wear a patch. Educate children. Spread food literacy. Support local.

Food Literacy

It’s not a common concept, but it’s a mighty important one!

More than being able to identify one legume over another, food literacy is about being cognizant and receptive of the food we eat, from nutritional value to more complex chemical compounds. It’s also about understanding how the meals we digest and the beverages we sip impact our health, our environment, our economy, political ecology, and societal relations between people, businesses, wildlife, and more.

Booch is well attuned to food literacy, in terms of teaching the public about digestive disturbances and raising awareness to how kombucha—the “elixir of life,” as it has been referred—can help drastically alter the state of gut health.

Shawn Slade, co-owner of Booch Organic Kombucha, says:

“We are grateful to support Growing Chefs as we feel it is crucial that today’s youth are educated on not only where fresh food comes from but also how to create a nourishing meal from seasonal produce.”

We’ve recently meandered down another avenue of food literacy… and we’ve done it through fashion!

The Patch Project

Booch steadily supports local 519 business and small business entrepreneurship.

We’ve extended our support for local food initiatives by joining the The Forest City Family Project. Jeremy Horrell, Founder of Forest City Family, says:

“Forest City family is focused on growing a community in our city that is actively involved in supporting local, healthy, fresh food initiatives through our projects. Our first project is the patch project, a limited collection of patches that brings together some of London’s businesses to support and grow local fresh food initiatives in our city along with offering people a fun way to show their love of local businesses by rockin their favorite patches.” 

He also commented that the project has grown to include, Purdy Natural, The Boombox Bakeshop, EleSense Designs, Junction London’s climbing Centre, Anderson Craft Ales, Glassroots, and Illbury + Goose.

We were excited about the project because Jeremy let us design the patch—a facsimile of the logo on our classic looking amber stubby bottles—and are donating all proceeds to…

Growing Chefs! Ontario

Founded in 2008, Growing Chefs! Ontario is a flourishing organization that empowers communities right here in London by:

  • Educating youth on food literacy; teaching our young ones what they should eat and why
  • Encouraging kids to make healthy food
  • Coaching kids on how to cook with wholesome ingredients
  • Getting involved in various city-wide projects and events, including The Beet Cafe & Fresh Food Frenzy

It’s no wonder Booch decided to partner up with this fantastic organization!

The Booch Connection

Shannon Kamins and Shawn Slade, co-founders of Booch Organic Kombucha, see many of the same values and goals in the Growing Chefs! Ontario project as they do their own.

“We started Booch to give ourselves and the community better access to quality kombucha,” says Shawn, “we also wanted to join the conversation and advocate for people’s rights to food and help provide accessible, good quality, locally-sourced ingredients to our community—which is exactly what Growing Chefs Ontario does.”

“We love how this project teaches kids about local food that’s in season,” says Shannon, “and how they teach younger generations how to cook, store, serve, and appreciate local, organic, and ethically-sourced food that’s healthy for our guts and our minds.”

Get Your Patch Today!

Stop by the Booch brewery retail store at 1010 Dundas St. today and get your one-of-a-kind Booch patch!

Support local, help educate youth on food literacy, and join Booch in giving back to the community.

Wear your patch with pride and spread it across social media using the hashtags:
#ldnont #fcfproject #patchalicious #getbooched #boochmerch

Promote health. Connect community. Celebrate gratitude. At Booch Organic Kombucha, we believe that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. We are committed to food security, run a socially responsible business, and love nourishing our neighbours. We use the ancient elixir of yesteryear to heal gut disturbances, one bottle at a time.