Building A Sustainable Tomorrow: Booch Believes in SustainableJoes

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On November 10, 2016, Booch Organic Kombucha sponsored the London premiere of the SustainableJoes documentary The Time Is Now, which provides insights, anecdotes, statistics, success stories, and advice for how everyday Joes and Janes — like you and I — can build a more sustainable tomorrow for our families, our communities, and our planet.

In line with Booch’s values, SustainableJoes supports quality, local, transparent, and fairly-traded products.

Booch has been operating in a sustainable manner for a long time, and seeing the amount of people who came out to the documentary assured us that there are many other people who really care, too,” says Shannon Kamins, founder of Booch.


Stephen Szucs, founder of SustainableJoes and friend of the Booch team believes the world is in need of change and has dedicated his life to finding sustainable solutions, on large and small scales, to save our environment, educate citizens, and plan for a better tomorrow. The documentary focuses on a single, yet extraordinarily complex and ever-evolving question: is our world operating in a sustainable manner today?

The unanimous response from Joes and Janes of various ethnicities, races, and cultural backgrounds in Canada and the United States is “no.”

To delve deeper into this complex topic, Stephen travelled solo from Ontario, Canada to “Mile 0” in Key West, Florida — the southernmost point in the United States — on a solar-powered pedal trike. In hopes of finding answers to their questions, he and his team met with various influential people throughout Canada and the United States, including concerned professors, activist entrepreneurs, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment & Climate Change, and Ikea Canada’s Sustainability Manager.


The Time Is Now teaches us that sustainability is about survival and demanding a balance between the planet, people, and profits. Moreover, achieving sustainability requires us to:
  • Make informed choices
  • Consider the implications of our own behaviours
  • Adopt new ethical & efficient habits
The sustainability problem can be solved, but not by any one person. It takes all of us Joes and Janes to work collectively.

“Booch practices sustainability every day,” informs Shannon.

“We produce minimal waste at our facility and ensure that every single paper towel, tea leaf, fruit peel, or botanical used is composted. Our Booch facility is powered by Bullfrog, subsidized green energy, and also has a bottle refill program at multiple locations where people can reuse their bottles. Any extra bottles get sent to Purdy Natural, where they are filled with handmade liquid soap. Every business decision is made with the planet in mind.”


We spoke with Stephen after the premiere, and he told us that “from water to waste to transit,” one of the most important things everyday Joes and Janes can do to make the world more sustainable today is to remember that “the impact of the food we eat is huge.

We asked Stephen what he learned from making this documentary, and he told us that “the time for change really has to be now” and that “the solutions are out there, but we have to make the choice to implement them.”

Moreover, he told us that:

“We are one people, one planet, and we have to make this work for all of’s that simple. If anyone wants to be part of the solution, I invite you to join this journey, for at SustainableJoes, that is exactly what we are up to.”

For more about the movement visit:

Check out SustainableJoes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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