Every batch of Booch starts here!

It starts with the highest quality organic Ceylon tea that is hand-harvested in Sri Lanka. Our tea is sourced from over 600 farms ranging from family-owned to small 5 acre plantations operating with biodynamic farming principles which ensures the highest soil quality above all else. This means that the soil is full of beneficial microorganisms that help the tea bush thrive. The leaves are rich in nutrients and that is part of the reason why our kombucha base is so delicious!

Most tea bushes take at least one year to grow before they are planted in the acreage on a farm. After that, it can take up to 3 more years until the bush produces berries, which signals that the plant is ready to be harvested. 

Once harvesting begins, the plant can be plucked every week and will produce tea leaves for at least 25 years. The plants are pruned every 3-4 years to keep the height manageable for the workers! Otherwise it would grow into a tree! 

The tea plant (camellia sinensis) likes some shade and so low shade (short trees) trees are planted every 10x10 sq feet of space and high shade (tall trees) are planted every 20x20 square feet of space. 

When plucking the tea bush, workers harvest only the the first 3 leaves.

These plantations demonstrate true environmental stewardship and care. From plantation to bottle, this is the story we want to share. One of knowing exactly where our ingredients come from. One where we’ve visited the land ourselves and can feel the energy. Connecting every single Booch drinker to the source.

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