Booch FAQs

Kombucha is a probiotic-rich, lightly fermented tea beverage that originated in China over 2,000 years ago. The ancient elixir was believed to re-populate bacteria in your gut via the delicious and slightly sour, bitter, and sweet taste. Fermented foods and beverages have existed in virtually every traditional diet. Passed down from generation to generation, brew masters around the world have long known about the benefits of fermentation.

No! While a SCOBY does mimic a mushroom, there are no mushrooms in Booch or kombucha! A SCOBY is the living organism (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) that ferments the tea into our delicious craft brew—Booch!

Booch’s handcrafted kombucha is raw and not pasteurized, meaning that enzymes and beneficial gut bacteria are still living in the brew. Overtime, a small SCOBY may grow in the bottle, which signals that the bacteria is doing well and living optimally! You can either chug this back or strain it out.

Refrigerated Booch lasts at least months from the day it was bottled. We put a best before date on each bottle, as kombucha will eventually turn into pure tea vinegar—still consumable and great as a salad dressing!

Booch is made with organic cane sugar that is Eco-social and fair-trade certified, which is added to steeped tea during the first phase of our exclusive fermentation process. The SCOBY eats away at the caffeine and sugar, but not all of it, because without some sugar, Booch would be pure tea vinegar (often called “mother vinegar”). We add the least amount of sugar possible and never add sugar after fermentation. The sweetness you taste in Booch varies depending on the flavour and the sugar content of the organic fresh pressed fruit juice, whole fruit, or tea infusion that is added during the fermentation process. Each bottle has nutrition facts that will give you that flavours sugar content. *Due to the changing nature of our weekly craft flavours sold at our Tap Room we are not required to have nutritional facts on our weekly feature flavours.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Booch helps with gas or bloating while providing an increased sense of energy, alertness, and an overall sense of well-being from the combination of antioxidants, probiotics, and fresh-pressed organic juices. Other benefits of kombucha reportedly include fighting cancer, improving digestion and immunity, and aiding in weight loss.

A positive environment affects all living things, making them happy and full of vitality. A SCOBY is no exception. A SCOBY can’t thrive in a clinical lab—that’s why Booch’s fermentation facility mixes science with happiness, gratitude, and love to create a positive environment for our SCOBYs to thrive in. Science and love energy meet in equal measure in every batch of kombucha we brew. Love, gratitude, and compassion is the secret ingredient in every bottle—no wonder it makes you feel so good!

Scientific & Health Effects

Improves digestive health (due to organic glucaric acid & enzymes that help breakdown food)

Boosts Immunity (fermentation produces living bacteria, which strengthens the immune system)

Increases energy (due to polysaccharides remaining from fermentation & polyphenols from tea)

Improves digestive health (due to regularly consuming fermented beverages with active enzymes & probiotics)

Encourages detoxification (due to cleansing & fermentation properties)

Promotes fats loss (due to flavonoids from black tea, acetic acid, & polyphenols)

Balances alkalinity (through strengthening & supporting the digestive system)

Eco-Spiritual Effects

Centres the mind & body, Heightens consciousness, Maximizes well-being, Prompts gratitude, Revitalizes spirit, Invigorates creativity, Stimulates a calm strength, Cultivates openness & connectivity.

Booch can be drank as a morning probiotic on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before or after a meal, to get you through a mid afternoon lull, or as an alcohol or soda substitute. It can be consumed daily and is sufficient in 4 ounce servings or as a full bottle if your body wants it. Booch is unpasteurized and naturally carbonated, never force carbonated. Everyone will have a different tolerance for kombucha, and kombucha made from different companies will vary?. So start slow with a few ounces and gradually build up a tolerance, or consult your healthcare practitioner on how to safely add kombucha in general to your diet.

Kombucha is often said to contain the following strands of bacteria: acetobacter, saccharomyces, lactobacillus, brettanomyces, zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis, xylinum, gluconium, gluconacetobacter kombuchae, and sometimes pediococcus. Kombucha also contains small amounts of alcohol (under 0.5%), substantial acetic acid (vinegar), ethyl acetate, glucuronic acid, and lactic acid.

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Absolutely! Our brand new tap room, located in our brewery at 1027 Clarke Road London, will be open Thursday's from 3pm to 8pm, Friday’s from 1pm to 6pm, and Saturday’s from 9am to 2pm. You can come in and grab your Booch or stay for a glass or two of our Kombucha on tap! For contact free pick up please call our store when you arrive at 1027 Clarke Road for pick up (519-204-2794) and we will run it out to you! All orders must be placed online by Wednesday at 4pm.

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