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    Honey naturally has microbial properties, and since we use raw honey, it contains helpful and beneficial bacteria that come from all the flowers, trees, blossoms, and plans that the bees harvest from!

    Rose Petal Infused Honey

    Our infused honey is finally here! We started with local, raw honey and gently infused rose petals over a one month period. We rotated the container frequently to get the best flavour! Rose is a heart opener, so a spoonful of honey should quite literally open one's heart, creating space and ease in the heart area of the body.

    Chamomile + Elderflower Infused Honey

    This honey is perfect for digestion, and cold and flu season. You can take a spoonful daily whether it’s on its own, in addition to a salad dressing, or perhaps as a marinade! Chamomile specifically aids digestion and elderflower boosts the immune system.

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