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    With a healthy gut, you can be the best version of yourself. Please drink with intention & attention. 

    A convenient starter kit containing our most popular flavours of Booch! 

    Receive 15 bottles: 

    2 x Raspberry Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic raspberries and lemongrass.

    2 x Blueberry Holy Basil - kombucha infused with organic blueberries and holy basil

    2 x Blue Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic lemons, lemongrass, lavender & blue spirulina.

    2 x Black Currant - kombucha infused with organic black currants, saskatoon berries and milk weed.

    2 x Citrus Twist - kombucha infused with organic oranges, seabuckthorn berries, lemon juice, ginger root and turmeric root.

    2 x Ginger - kombucha infused with ginger root. 

    2 x Elderflower Eucalyptus - kombucha infused with organic peppermint leaf, meadowsweet, eucalyptus, elderflower, lavender, nettle, yarrow, wood betony, hawthorn leaf, white oak bark and vervain.

    1 x Cherry Hibiscus - kombucha infused with organic cherries, lemongrass and hibiscus.

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