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Healtea Sparkling Infusions

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    Where other companies explore what flavourings and additives can do to make drinks addictive, we dove into the organic side of our own backyard to bring together natural infusions that are both comforting and familiar while still wild and exciting.

    In every can, you can expect just four ingredients—reverse osmosis water, organic herbs, lemon juice, and locally-harvested maple syrup. No caffeine, additives, alcohol, or hard-to-pronounce preservatives.

    Made in QC, Canada.

    Nettle + Rosemary - This all-Canadian blend of unique herbs is our take on the classic sweet tea. Skip the unhealthy sugar and caffeine with this delicious alternative to sweet teas and lemonade. All-natural, always.

    Peppermint + Dandelion - Locally steeped Mint and Dandelion bring delightful and cooling herbaceous notes, perfectly complimented by lemon juice, light carbonation, and a touch of Canadian maple syrup. Healtea is where new and old traditions combine—what will yours be?

    Ginger + Chamomile

    Invigorating yet calming—crack open the fizzy zest of ginger and earthy smoothness of locally-steeped chamomile tea.

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