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Invigorate Your Spirit

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    With a healthy gut, you can be the best version of yourself. Please drink with intention & attention. 

    A rejuvenating fermented variety pack includes offerings of kombucha and jun [j-oon] infused with blue spirulina, adaptogenic herbs and cleansing petals to reclaim the spirit, refresh the soul and invigorate the body.

    Invigorate the spirit with a variety of kombucha and jun.

    Receive 15 bottles: 

    3 x Warrior - raw jun infused with organic ginger, turmeric, peppercorn and lemonbalm

    3 x Spirit - raw jun infused with organic blueberries, peppermint, lavender and blue majik spirulina.

    4 x Blueberry Holy Basil - kombucha infused with organic blueberries and holy basil

    3 x Blue Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic lemons, lemongrass, lavender & blue spirulina

    2 x Raspberry Lemonade - kombucha infused with organic raspberries and lemongrass


    To invigorate the spirit and cleanse the soul drink 1 x 16oz bottle per day for 15 days. Best enjoyed in the morning, or afternoon, apart from mealtime to uplift the spirit.

    A slight variation in carbonation for Moonbrew is to be expected batch to batch as this is a naturally wild ferment, and the raw ingredients and honey will sometimes produce varying levels of effervescence. 

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