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Simpla Coconut Yogurt

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    Simple, clean, organic ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. No preservatives, no added sugar and packaged sustainably. For us it's not just about yogurt - it's about the way we live our life. Co-created by a New Zealand surfer and a Canadian health-food enthusiast, Simpla was inspired by coastal living and the search for a simple, healthy lifestyle. Food should be good for you & our beautiful planet. Live Simpler, eat Simpla.

    Organic Chocolate Coconut Yogurt
    Indulge in our chocolate coconut yogurt made with organic cocoa powder & maple syrup. It's vegan, delicious and nutritious. It's the perfect treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings...no matter what time of the day!

    Organic Lemon Coconut Yogurt
    Made with the world's favourite citrus - our organic lemon coconut yogurt is refreshingly delicious & boasts just 2g of sugar (maple syrup) per serving.

    Original Organic Coconut Yogurt
    Our original coconut yogurt is made with the simplest organic ingredients. It’s thick, creamy, plant-based and packed with healthy probiotics. Proudly made in Ontario.

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