We have partnered with Ryan & Mindy from  for years now, and we continuously celebrate their unique offerings (like local organic ginger and turmeric root!!!) and even use it in our crafted kombucha and jun! Mindy and Ryan are dedicated growers, and I love seeing their faces either at the market, or bumping into them at events. On top of sourcing their locally grown organic ginger and turmeric root, we work with Loco Fields to source other locally available fruits like peaches and concord grapes, aronia berries, saskatoon berries and more. 

I will always remember one of the first times I chatted with Ryan at the market. I had a dream to start a kombucha company, and was trying to rent a stall at the Western Fair Market. I remember seeing another vendor selling kombucha, and got down on myself thinking that because there was already someone selling it there, that it might not be worth my while. Ryan told me to look at it from another perspective. Just because someone else is selling kombucha doesn't mean you can't!! He told me to look at Loco Fields; growing and selling organic produce, like some of the other vendors there. Not doing something because someone already is, is not a good reason to quit-- or not even start!

I could see how fulfilled he was, and it didn't matter that other vendors were doing the same.

That comment went a long way. It helped me realize that you can't push something aside because someone is already doing it. Those excuses don't serve you well! If I never took that first step, if I was too scared, then I would have never known what I could accomplish with my team at Booch.

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