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Image © Andrew Wyton   Scientific studies have proven that eating a diverse and probiotic-rich diet leads to healthier gut bacteria. But what effect does exposing oneself to different environments have on the gut microbiome? We live in a clean world but should we not? Should we get dirtier to get healthier?   We come into this world with a certain microbiome makeup influenced by our genes and delivery method. Once here, our environment – diet, culture, geography, hygiene, antibiotic usage – changes our microbiota over a lifetime. And any imbalance (dysbiosis) between the gut microbiota and the body affects our mental...

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Shannon Kamins


GUT HEALTH The health of your digestive tract and gut flora directly correlates with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The connection between gut and health has been overlooked in the past 50 years; however, it is increasingly gaining attention. Populations are experiencing increased instances of diet-related gut issues than ever before: Weight struggles & obesity affects 1 billion people Malnutrition & hunger affects 1 billion people Studies conducted by the Dannon Company in 2007 showed that: Nearly 90% of Americans deal with occasional problems with digestion 70% of women say digestive concerns negatively impact their daily lives Digestive...

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